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Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Peace Talks

Israeli peace loonies are trying to talk Arabs into peace. Enjoy.

1) Negotiation room

2) Results from the negotiation room

The Arab side was represented mostly by Lebanese. I find it really cool that while teetering on the brink of a civil war some Lebanese still have time to be preoccupied with the Israeli Palestinian conflict.

I was a sort of amazed that in the end they pissed off Lirun all over. Apart from being a lunatic (well... in my view), he is apparently a very nice and interesting person and I read his blog from time to time. It's in my links. Lirun deserves a better treatment.

Israeli loonies live by the principle - smile and the world will smile back to you and if you still get slapped in the face, then try to smile even harder. Lirun's commitment to this principle is nothing short of amazing. I would have pulled out after the first Rhiannon's insult. Or at least after seeing that Mirvat stays comfortable with this. There is such a concept called self respect. I would say that I never saw so many pearls cast before swine.

The funny thing is how Chas is popping up here and there and, despite insults, wild accusations and the Jewish world domination conspiracy theories flying all around, is praizing the participants: Hey. What a great job all of you are doing here. . . Ha Ha Ha ...

In the end Mirvat says:

i find it absolutely hilarious that rhiannone manages to find a variation of lirun's name every time.

This is after Rhiannon wipes the floor with Lirun in her closing comments !! Great !! Ha Ha Ha !!

Rhiannon is a kind of deranged personality. Apparently with zero control over her emotional reactions. Just the right type of person to invite to peace talks ;-). And her obsession with the presumed Jewish sense of supremacy is matched only by the obsession of Lirun and other Israeli participants with peace negotiations. Let's say that if Mirvat calls her blog Passing for Normal, Rhiannon is not even passing. A sexually frustrated female leftist is the worst psychological disorder I've seen in my life.

Probably many Israelis would find this peace roundtable infuriating but i just did not laugh so much in weeks. Thanks, Lirun.

I would say after reading the both threads that the Arabs are a hopeless case. And our peace loonies are probably too. ;-)


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