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Sunday, January 7, 2007

Peace Talks - II

My own attempts at peace negotiations with the Lebanese ;-). Enjoy.

1) On the Origins Of The Shebaa Farms and Much More

2) Foreign Agents

The first one comes from the time when I just started blogging. My understanding of Lebanon was not even rudimentary and so I took these virtual peace negotiations for the real thing. Later Faysal and others from The Thinking Lebanese' blog explained me why the Lebanese should avoid negotiating with Israel, unless they want to end up with another civil war, and I got the idea. But before this I did not understand that the Lebanese were just bluffing themselves and other people and so I was participating in serious ;-).

The second one happened spontaneously, was not intended to be peace negotiations and was more like an attempt to test the limits of Faysal's patience ;-). Anyway Faysal is a friend and a potential host if I ever happen to be in Beirut. I may do it one day. I only need to get a Russian passport.


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