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Thursday, January 11, 2007

Palo-Circus is Live and Kicking

Fatah was celebrating its 42nd anniversary in Gaza. The Jerusalem Post covered the event. Read it here.

Now this is what I saw it on TV:

Orating before a huge crowd of Fatah supporters Abu Mazen lashed at Hamas and its Iranian backers.

"Hamas are Shia!! Hamas are Shia!!" roared the crowd back.

Yet without blinking the chairman proclaimed, "There are no traitors here!! We are all brothers!!""

"Saddam Hussein!! Saddam Hussein!!" exploded the crowd.

There is one thing that I adore about the Palos and this is that they are so fucking funny. I am almost ready to forgive them everything for this. . . Dozens of suicide attacks in one of which I almost got hit myself. . . The fact that they twice blew up the bus I used to go to my work just 30 minutes before I was about to leave my home for work. . . My friends whom I had to visit in hospitals . . . Whatever they did to us. . . Because in terms of making me laugh they squarely beat any peace roundtable I have ever read on the net.


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