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Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Never forget to say Thank You

One can only envy the Lebanese for their ability to create militias out of thin air. A few hours into the yesterday's mess, with the army miserably failing to enforce order, the LFers came out in full force as if the civil war has never ended. As Geagea was making his usual muted yet ominous threats through the day, dozens of opposition supporters were being evacuated with gunshot wounds from the roadblocks they struggled to defend. Nasrallah is plainly delusional if he thinks that he has a monopoly on crazy supporters in a country such as Lebanon.

It's a safe bet that yesterday millions of Sunnis across the world of Islam were watching the news and they did not like what they saw at all. This is because what they saw was a Shia militia, allied with a renegade Christian general, trying to topple a legitimate government led by a Sunni prime minister. It should be particularly true of Sunnis in those countries that have significant Shia minorities and even majorities (Shia are 60% in Bahrain). Those Sunnis were watching the whole thing and they were thinking something. I think I know what they were thinking.

With many quarters of Baghdad having been already ethnic cleansed from Sunnis by another hero of Shia resistance, one can only hope that the Shia religion does not discourage its faithful from watching TV. This is because if shit hits the fan, and this may happen, it will be good that the Shia know at least whom they should say 'thank you' for this.

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