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Thursday, December 21, 2006

TurkmenBashi Kicks the Bucket


Turkmenistan's President-for-life Saparmurat Niyazov died suddenly on Thursday after 21 years of iron rule, raising a risk of political instability in the energy-rich country that some feared could have an impact on Europe's gas supplies.

Niyazov, 66, who crushed all dissent in his reclusive state and basked in a unique and bizarre personality cult while ruling a country with huge natural gas reserves, died overnight of cardiac arrest, state television said.


I would say that a unique and bizarre personality cult is a very mild description of what Niazov has created there. TurkmenBashi is credited with such feats as building the biggest mosque in Cenral Asia whose walls are decorated with Koran verses on a par with verses by Niyazov himself.

The birthday of his mother has become a national holiday, while education in Turkmenistan's schools was largely reduced to studying the book Niazov has personally written to educate his nation. The book was translated into dozens of languages, including Suahili. I just imagine the Africans sitting there under their palm trees and enjoying Niazov's literary creations.

One of Niazov's unfinished projects is a huge entertainment center, DisneyLand style, built from ice. . . in the middle of the desert, of course.


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