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Saturday, December 9, 2006

Thank You, Everybody

Regarding James Baker's report released a short while ago I would suggest that, notwithstanding the position of George W. Bush, the direction of the future American policies in the region is clear. The US is back to rely on those in the region who are probably the only ones to be considered, even though only partially, reliable (namely, our regional dictators: Asads Mubaraks and their likes).

The grand American experiment in bringing democracy to the Middle East is over. Thank you, everybody, for your participation.

Special thanks go to the Shiites and Sunnies in Iraq who wasted the precious opportunity and with it more than 100 billions of dollars allocated by the Congress for reconstruction projects. Your enthusiasm for exterminating each other did not pass unnoticed and has served all of us a good lesson.

Thank you, so called Arab intellectuals. You can proudly announce to your spiritual mentor Noam Chomsky that you proved your point: democracy cannot be imposed from outside. We will be now waiting for your nations to get mature enough to initiate their own push for democracy (probably means another few generations). Don't forget that with the US removing its pressure from your dictators to liberalize their countries, some of you will soon go straight where they rightly belong to (means jail). We hope that at least you had a good time writing your brilliant articles and elaborating your conspiracy theories, as well as instigating and riding the wave of the most intense anti Americanism/anti Zionism often bordering on a raw insanity.

Thanks you, fundamentalists of all strains of Islam. It is your participation (sabotage?) that made the whole process so complicated and interesting. Thank you.

Thank you, Olmert and Peretz, for your contribution to sinking the first event of its kind in our region: Beirut Spring.

Thank you all the rest who took part in the grand experiment. History will be grateful to you forever.

Once again, thanks everybody for your participation and constructive suggestions. Hope to see you all in the next round. Until then, Bye.


Thank you |3uno for your massive presence on our blogs. Your country should be proud of you. :D

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