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Monday, December 11, 2006

Such a Perfect Day

The leftist enthusiasts of peace and justice celebrated in Santiago the gen. Pinochet death with the standard mix of demonstrations, violence and new consipracy theories.

The New York Times

December 11, 2006
By Pascale Bonnefoy

. . .

Even his final illness proved to be divisive. He was admitted to the hospital in critical condition on Dec. 3 after he had a heart attack. He underwent angioplasty, and doctors said he was recovering well — so well that human-rights groups here began charging that the health crisis may have been staged, and they requested a judicial investigation.

But his condition took a sharp downturn on Sunday morning, his doctors said, and his family was gathered around him in the intensive care unit at the military hospital when he died.

Demonstrators began pouring onto the main avenue in the center of Santiago immediately after the news of General Pinochet’s death, chanting human rights slogans and denunciations of him. The gathering quickly took on the air of a street party, with drinking and dancing, and the crowd began marching toward La Moneda, the presidential palace.

The size of the main demonstration grew quickly and steadily, reaching about 6,000 by 6 p.m. Around then, demonstrators began trying to cross over barriers guarding the presidential palace, and police officers in riot gear broke out tear gas and water cannons to turn them back.

The violence spread, with demonstrators throwing rocks, uprooting stoplights and burning at least four barricades and two cars. One person was reported injured by a thrown bottle. --> Source

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