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Friday, December 15, 2006

So What Do You Call Civil War?

The New York Times

December 14, 2006
By Greg Myre

In renewed fighting among Palestinians, gunmen forced a prominent Hamas militant to his knees on Wednesday, then shot him dead outside a courthouse where he worked, in the southern Gaza Strip.

Hamas, the militant Islamic group that leads the Palestinian government, said a “death squad” from the rival Fatah faction was responsible for the killing of the militant, Bassam al-Farra, in Khan Yunis. Fatah denied involvement.

The shooting occurred just two days after unidentified gunmen in Gaza City killed three sons, ages 3 to 9, of Baha Balousha, a senior Palestinian security officer and Fatah member. . .

. . .

Mr. Farra was arriving Wednesday at the courthouse in Khan Yunis in a taxi, when several men grabbed him and forced him to his knees on the sidewalk, while another man shot him, Palestinian witnesses said.

. . .

Mr. Farra, who was about 30, was a leading local figure in Hamas’s armed wing. He was a judge’s assistant at the courthouse, Palestinians said.

The Palestinian prime minister, Ismail Haniya, of Hamas, who has been traveling in the Middle East for more than two weeks, plans to return to Gaza on Thursday to address the crisis, aides said.

“We want to assure you that the words ‘civil war’ don’t exist in our dictionary,” Mr. Haniya said in Khartoum, Sudan, The Associated Press reported. “They don’t exist in our makeup, in our culture.”


What Haniyeh is basically trying to say is that, contrary to the popular misconception, there is no way the Palestinians can start a civil war since then they will not know what to call it. And so because of the damn semanthic problems they are doomed for eternity to resolve all their conflicts through negotiations. I can imagine Haniyeh's Sudanese hosts standing by his side and nodding their heads in understanding. They sure knew what their guest was talking about.

And on a totally different note The Jerusalem Post reported today:

Senior Hamas officials vowed that the Hamas-led PA government and the movement's armed faction would avenge Thursday night's assassination attempt on Palestinian Authority Prime Minster Ismail Haniyeh.

Hamas official Jamal Nasser said, "We know who shot at the prime minster's convoy and killed his bodyguard. Sooner or later we will settle our scores with him."

Nasser said that Muhammd Dahlan and other Fatah officials were responsible for "murder and incitement."

Other Hamas officials blamed the Palestinian Presidential Guard for the incident.



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