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Thursday, December 21, 2006

PM is Right

Associated Press

As a cease-fire took hold in Gaza on Wednesday after more than a week of factional fighting, residents were angry at the Palestinian gunmen and despondent about the future.

. . .

Emotions were so pitched that hospitals couldn't place wounded from different factions in the same room for fear of clashes between their relatives.

. . .

"I feel bad. If I'm going to die this way, it's very stupid, by stupid people with guns, and no one cares about the civilians," said human rights lawyer Iyad Alami, who lives in the line of fire between the Hamas-controlled Foreign Ministry and Abbas' compound.

He said he and his family stay away from the windows and crawl or crouch on the floor, for fear of stray bullets.

. . .

"I think the Israeli shelling is easier to deal with," said 13-year-old Khaled Khatib, who fled a gun battle in his neighborhood Tuesday and saw two children wounded by gunfire. "We are used to the shelling, and we know who the target is." (Hey. Missing IDF?? NB)

. . .

Nearly 350 Palestinians have been killed in internal fighting in Gaza this year (!!! I did not know this NB), including family feuds and gun battles between militias, according to Health Ministry officials. . .


I tend to agree with the PM for a change. He is right (see previous post). There is too much violence there (sarcasm).


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