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Thursday, December 21, 2006

No Pain, No Gain

Infected Mushrooms Unleashed

The Jerusalem Post

Dec. 21, 2006

Though Israel's public image overseas may be a source of constant stress for policymakers, if one recent poll is to be believed, the country is among the world's most popular for devoted club-goers.

Infected Mushroom, DJ Yahel and Offer Nissim aren't likely to be familiar names to most people out of their 20s, but thanks to DJ magazine's recent ranking of the world's top 100 DJs, these performers - and three of their compatriots - are now among the hottest names on the global dance music scene.

The results of the prestigious DJ annual poll have been a boon to these Israeli artists, and to Israel's reputation on the electronic music scene. With six of its premier DJs ranked among the world's top 100 - actually, among the top 50 - Israel is disproportionately represented, in a very big way, among the countries whose performers appear on the poll.

. . .

And regardless of the online poll's statistical shortcomings, Church (Magazine DJ's news editor) says Israeli DJs have indeed made their mark on the international clubbing scene. "Psy-trance" - psychedelic trance music popular at rave parties - "coming from Israel has certainly become quite a big genre," he says.

Israeli DJs' international prominence may have its roots in local culture, according to Avi Nissim of the trance group Astral Projection. In a three-page feature in DJ about the Israeli artists ranked in the poll, Nissim told the magazine that the pressures of living in Israel may have contributed to the rise of the genre here. Many Israelis, the article suggested, initially discovered trance music at raves during post-army trips in Goa, India, then brought the music home.


Let us not forget those who by their hard work have made this huge success possible. I mean all those fans who spend their weekends pounding the dancefloors of Tel Aviv after-parties. I myself lost count of all the acid and other shit I was pumping myself with in Fetish and HaOman in order to make my country a superpower of electronic music.


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