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Tuesday, December 5, 2006

It is Never Too Late to Have a Happy Childhood

Watching small boys playing war games, whether they are video games or real games, it is impossible not to think that for children their games are their reality and that when a small boy shoots at an image at the computer screen, in his mind he probably kills a real person. The more of visual effects a game has, the more reality like are scenes of destruction and slaughter, the more excitement it produces in its underage players.

It is puzzling why this striving for violence should be present at such a young age. Could it be that human psyche imitates human embrio's repeating previous evolutionary steps in the womb, and that before reaching maturity the psyche should briefly go through some prehistoric stages of our history when low scale violence between tribes was constant?

But whatever the answer is, it is clear that, as far as males of our species are concerned, this violent drive is there from a very young age and probably in many individuals it never completely abates even after reaching maturity. It is a scene replayed on CNN and BBC almost daily from places of confrontation all over the world - a young unshaved man pulling the trigger of his Kalachnikov in front of the camera and what lights his face up at this moment is unmistakably what we would normally call happiness.


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