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Monday, December 4, 2006

It appears that despite Hezbollah's impressive discipline clashes are starting to break out. Nasrallah is risking losing control over the situation by moving thousands of his supporters across Beirut in such a tense athmosphere.


Beirut, 03 Dec 06, 20:16

A young man was killed and three other people were wounded Sunday in two separate street fights in Beirut between opposition and government supporters, as army troops and security forces were swiftly beefed up to prevent further escalation. . .

Shiite supporters from the southern suburbs trying to infiltrate into Tarik Jedideh, a low-income predominantly Sunni quarter, clashed with pro-government supporters with stones, sticks and knives, witnesses told Naharnet.

They said sporadic bursts of automatic gunfire could be heard in the confrontation which lasted about 45 minutes before army troops and police patrols stepped in to disengage the opponents. . .

Another confrontation was reported on the Badaro-Qasqas highway between supporters of Hizbullah and Amal on the one side, and others from the Lebanese Forces, the Christian faction led by Samir Geagea. . .



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