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Saturday, December 16, 2006

The IraqPundit Report

After the infamous Baker's report the IraqPundit has realeased his own: The IraqPundit Report

Very worth reading . . . as actually any post by the Pundit.. some quotes:

. . . For decades, dictators such as Saddam told their populations that food on the table was not as important as the plight of the Palestinians. Many of us got tired of hearing it

. . .

The IraqPundit Report also finds fault with Baker & Hamilton when they say that the way to proceed toward a peaceful Iraq is via a regional conference. I guess King Abdullah of Jordan and others keep pushing the "linkage" theory. But if we really believe that once the "core" Middle East issue – Israel-Palestine -- is "solved," everything will be lovely and harmonious, we've deluding ourselves.

Once they hinge Iraq's future to such regional linkage, you can kiss Iraq goodbye. Why? Because you'd be linking one set of problems controlled by extreme loons to another set of problems controlled by extreme loons. The nuts of the Middle East who send grandmothers to blow themselves up have made it clear how they intend the region's core issue to be solved: no Israel. They will never settle for anything less than all of Palestine.

They will never negotiate honestly. Why should Iraqis or Lebanese or anyone else be held hostage by these murderers?


I am wondering howcome the leftist loonies and self proclaimed realists don't see something so obvious to any sane person as for example to this Iraqi.

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