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Monday, December 11, 2006

Iran bars Israeli Arab from Holocaust forum


Dec. 10, 2006
by Etgar Lefkovits

An Israeli Arab lawyer who has inaugurated an exhibition about the Holocaust in his Nazareth office as part of a crusade to teach the Arab world that the Holocaust did indeed happen has been barred by the Iranian government from attending this week's controversial Holocaust conference in Teheran, he said Sunday.

Khaled Muhammad, 44, was denied a visa to Iran to attend the two-day event, which has been widely criticized by the West for Holocaust denial, after he sent a copy of his Israeli passport to the Iranian Embassy in Amman, he said.

Muhammad added that the Iranian Institute, which has repeatedly invited him to attend the event in the past, evidently thinking he was a Palestinian, cut off all contact with him after he sent in a copy of his Israeli passport for visa purposes.

"This is a political decision," he said. Muhammad, who has 80 pictures of the Holocaust hanging in his office alongside three pictures of Palestinian suffering from the 1948 War of Independence, said he had planned to go to the controversial event to debate the Holocaust-deniers over the extermination of six million Jews during World War II . . .

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