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Saturday, December 9, 2006

I Was Wrong

The Big Pharaoh wrote a post that perfectly summarizes what many of us feel abour Iraq. The Pharaoh is probably one of the best bloggers of the Arab world.

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Writing this post is not easy. Nothing is easy in admitting you were wrong. But if I want to keep this blog genuine and trustworthy, then writing this post is the right thing to do.

Today I join a growing list of war in Iraq supporters who're now saying that war was a mistake or at least they wouldn't have supported it if they knew in 2003 what we know today. This list started with American liberals who supported the war and now includes National Review writers John Derbyshire and Jonah Goldberg. I'm still waiting for Tom Friedman though.

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Anyway, the Iraq war just makes me feel I'm an idiot. I fully supported this war on April 9th, 2003, when I saw Iraqis cheering the downfall of Saddam Hussein and walking freely among US troops while carrying their Kalashnikovs. I supported this war because I used to go to a popular Iraqi room on Pal Talk that was full of secular intellectuals and I ended up believing that Iraq could become a beacon of decency in the midst of this region. In addition, I thought the U.S definitely had a plan to what might happen in Iraq ten years after the invasion. As you all know, Iraq is now on the threshold of a bloody civil war, the secular intellectuals I talked with were living outside Iraq for years, and it turned out that people at Pentagon didn't tire themsleves and brush the dust off the Desert Crossing report that accurately anticipated post-Saddam Iraq. In fact they were not even aware of its existence.



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