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Tuesday, December 19, 2006

I mourn for Jericho

Superb post by The Raccoon... a very good perspective on the beginning of second intifada from the israeli side ...

. . .

Old Yasser - the Rayiss - pushed the button that started the new intifada. And within the span of a single day, everything changed. The guys we had coffee with on a daily basis suddenly started shooting at us. Khaled stopped being nice and let his inner beast surface. The casino was occupied by gunmen that constantly fired on us. The old tree under which we drank coffee was blown up. Shops were looted by militias. Restaurants closed. Hothouses were shattered. The streets filled with gunfire and rubble.

Our base was burned down and riddled with bullets - where once we had only plaster walls, now stands reinforced concrete. The casino was shelled to get rid of the snipers. The local population descended back into violence and poverty. And me - I had a severe nervous breakdown and was transferred away from the front.

And this, my friends, is the sad tale of what briefly was the most successful town in PA. . .


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