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Wednesday, December 13, 2006

The Horn of Africa is Ready to Blow - III

Associated Press

Dec 12, 2006
By Anthony Mitchel

BAIDOA, Somalia - Thousands of Islamic militants have surrounded the only town Somalia's internationally recognized government controls, the prime minister said Tuesday as a top Islamic official promised to attack within a week unless Ethiopian troops leave.

The surrounded town of Baidoa was teeming with soldiers Tuesday, with troops in new uniforms patrolling the city and manning checkpoints.

"I believe that war is inevitable because elements within the so-called Islamic Courts are against peace and stability in the country," Prime Minister Ali Mohamed Gedi told The Associated Press in his office in Baidoa.

Ethiopian troops are believed to be based around Baidoa, but were not immediately identifiable. Many Ethiopians are ethnically Somali and Ethiopian and Somali government troops wear the same uniforms.

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