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Tuesday, December 5, 2006

Globalize It

One thing very typical of the leftists is that the more out of touch with the reality they get, the more vocal and violent they become. Yet the anti globalists can demonstrate by dozens of thousands and clash with the police as much as they wish, but they cannot stop globalization.

Even if the World Trade Talks or FTAA (Free Trade Area of Americas) negotiations got stuck and advance nowhere, this does not mean that nations are lacking other means of promoting free trade between them. In the absense of real progress on bigger forums the web of bi-lateral (nation to nation) free trade agreements is expanding and thickening all the time with an option that one day the process will move to the stage of merging individual bilateral FTA's into real multi-lateral free trade zones.

The Associated Press

(published on BusinessWeek site)
December 5, 2006

Japanese ministers on Tuesday gave the greenlight to enter full-fledged talks with Australia toward forging a bilateral free trade agreement, officials said.

. . .

The final agreement to launch FTA talks is expected when Prime Minister Shinzo Abe meets with Australian Prime Minister John Howard later this month on the sidelines of the East Asia summit in the Philippines, Kyodo News agency reported.

. . .

The move is the latest as part of Tokyo's move to expand FTA across Asia. Japan is also considering beginning talks with India and recently reached agreement with Indonesia, Vietnam and the Philippines.


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