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Sunday, December 17, 2006

Gaza Circus Strikes Back

In a dramatic move Abu Mazen called today for early parliamentary and presidential elections. Almost immediately violent clashes between Fatah and Hamas supporters erupted all across Gaza.

The Jerusalem Post reports:

In a major policy speech that was boycotted by members of the Hamas-led government, Abbas told hundreds of supporters: "I have decided to call early parliamentary and presidential elections as soon as possible to resolve the crisis that has plagued our cause. Nothing will prevent us from returning to the people to get rid of this miserable situation."

Indeed. Everybody in Gaza is just waiting for Abu Mazen and his Fatah to return.

Abbas also referred to the failed assassination attempt on Haniyeh, in which one of his bodyguards died:

"Our goal was to ensure that Haniyeh will leave the Gaza Strip honorably and return in the same manner," he said. "But some complications happened when it was said that he was trying to smuggle money. . ."

Yes. We also noticed that some complications happened. . .

Abbas also criticized Palestinian armed groups for continuing to fire rockets at Israel, saying such actions have harmed foreign investments in the Gaza Strip.


How fucking true !! The biggest problem with the Kassam attacks is . . . that they may scare away foreign investors !! I bet if we reoccupy Gaza for the second time, the Palis will never understand why this happened.

For God's sake !! How does the world want us to negotiate with these idiots ??!!

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