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Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Dreams Come True in UAE

By Lin Noueihed (Reuters)

Hand-picked voters cast their ballots in the United Arab Emirates on Wednesday in the final phase of limited elections billed as the first step toward giving people more say in politics.

Rulers of the seven emirates comprising the UAE have chosen 6,689 voters, less than one percent of its 800,000 nationals, to elect half of the 40-seat Federal National Council (FNC), an advisory body with no legislative powers.

They envisage the partial polls as a stepping stone toward universal suffrage for Emiratis in around four years. Once this vote is over, the FNC's role will be expanded to include more oversight powers, but half the members will still be appointed in the Gulf Arab country where political parties are banned.


There should be no doubt that both Olmert and Peretz, whose ratings are so low that they can be considered non-existent, sometimes dream themselves Emirs in the Gulf.

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