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Sunday, December 10, 2006

Augusto Pinochet Dies at 91

The man is dead but the controversy is not over yet. The fact that Chile is now the best economy of Latin America and one of its most stable democracies is impossible to ignore. The Chile's economic miracle was the first and the only one of its kind in Latin America. None of the Latin American nations can boast of such a prolonged period of stable and robust economic growth which continues till this day. The country is expected to join the ranks of the first world in the next decades.

As to the personality cult of Salvador Allende elevated by the leftists to the position of a superstar, it is bound to become a subject of the most intense debate one day. Allende, whose party was expelled from the Socialist International after adopting Marxism-Leninism as its official doctrine 10 years before he was elected president, publicly refused to see himself a president of all the Chileans and repeatedly threatened to move his democratic revolution to the next phase of establishing a dictatorship by the proletariat. Allende presided over a violent nationalization and land redistribution campaign carried out by armed leftist militias. After three years of Allende's rule the Chilean economy was non-existent while citizens were busy creating para-military organizations to protect themselves against all kinds of leftist militants who thrived in Chile under Allende's protection.

Massive strikes by workers and students repeatedly rocked the country as for example when Allende tried to introduce compulsory Marxist indoctrination as part of Chile's education system. Finally in a stormy meeting the parliament accused Allende of numerous violations of the Chilean constitution, declared his presidency unconstitutional and called on the armed forces to intervene. This prompted Allende to nominate Pinochet as a head of the armed forces in the vain attempt to preserve his control over the army which by that time was widely used to break strikers and disperse demonstrations. Half a year later, with the economy in the state of a total collapse, Allende was presented an ultimatum to vacate the presidential palace or face bombardment. The rest is known.

Probably a few decades from now, some parts of the modern history would be seen in need to be thoroughly reconsidered.

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