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Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Abbas O' Dahlan

Hamas has suddenly discovered that, despite its frenetic smuggling of weapons into Gaza, in one respect it's still awfully unprepared for confrontation with Fatah. Its supporters have no slogans to chant against Abbas and his party on demonstrations, and, as everybody knows, chanting slogans as well as shooting into air and tossing babies wrapped in dummy suicide belts is an integral part of Gaza carnivals.

Over the last years, Hamas has accumulated a huge arsenal of slogans, both imported from abroad and manufactured locally. Unfortunately all of them are directed against USA/Israel. So Hamas called on its faithful to come up with catchy anti Abbas/Dahlan/Fatah slogans. Below is a short list of top hits:

Hamas, O' Kassam, trample on the head of Dahlan! (Kassam is the name of the armed wing of Hamas)

Abbas, O' Abbas, the people will trample on you with their shoes! (Normally when Palis want to express their respect for somebody, they trample on that person barefoot)

Abbas O' Dahlan, agents of the Americans!

Dahlan you traitor, go to Israel!


Whatever you may think about Hamas, nobody can claim that its supporters lack originality.


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