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Sunday, November 5, 2006

The Show Must Go On

A few of the latest articles from the Institute for War & Peace Reporting site.

Mosul Militants Attack Female Teachers

A class of 40 students at a Mosul primary school sit quietly at their desks. The scene seems normal enough - but their anxious faces betray the terrible loss they recently suffered.

On September 20, the first day of the new school year, their teacher Kathwar took a taxi home after work. That was the last anyone saw of her. The next day a police patrol made a dreadful discovery: Kathwar’s mutilated body was stuffed into a plastic barrel near the school, her belly riddled with bullets, and her eyes gouged out.

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Life for women is particularly hard in Mosul. They only go out veiled and never alone. Militants impose tight restrictions on all aspects of life. A general curfew starts at 9 pm, but the streets are deserted much earlier.

One day after Kathwar’s murder, two sisters from the western part of Mosul were killed. Fadhila and Aliye Ahmed, both in their 30s, also worked as primary school teachers. Aliye was engaged; Fadhila was married and had one child.

Mohammed Othman, 64, said he does not understand why his nieces were killed, "We are ordinary people. Nobody in our family works with the police or as a translator." Both the latter professions are frequently targeted by Islamic militants. “Allah will take revenge,” he declared.

Eyewitnesses said the women were gunned down by men with scarves over their faces, in front of the school.

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Islamic militants seemingly determined to stamp out sale and consumption of alcohol in the capital

Hasanen Murad, 60, witnessed an attack on a store near his house in Mansoor. An explosion shook the windows in his apartment, and when he went out he saw that the store had been badly damaged, though there were no casualties.

A month later, however, the militants returned to the shop, which had not closed after the bombing incident. They set it on fire and murdered the owner and four customers, their bodies found lying on the ground surrounded by bottles of whisky and Arak.

"Ever since no liquor store has been opened in the area," said Murad.

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Iraqi Kurdistan Offers Safe Haven for Fleeing Arabs

After a friend of his, also a doctor, was killed a month ago, Abdul-Wahab decided to leave. "No one feels safe in Samarra, every day we see our friends and relatives killed in front of our eyes," he said.

The couple chose Sulaimaniyah because it is an oasis of calm compared to other strife-torn cities, which they no longer deem habitable.

Every day, many Arab families arrive in the cities of northern Iraq desperate for a respite from the sectarian and insurgent violence that is spreading in many areas of southern and central Iraq.

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In short, not a very nice situation. But as The Big Pharaoh was writing recently in Hala Show:

Hala Sarhan, TV show host who is considered to be the Arab world's Oprah Winfrey, discussed the Sunni-Shia violence in Iraq on her show. As far as I know, that was the only TV program so far that discussed the fact that Muslims are killing other Muslims in Iraq on a daily basis. Programs on Iraq usually revolve around "America's conspiracy in Iraq" without paying much attention to the sectarian violence there simply because, as I've stated before, no one gives a rat's ass when Muslims are killed at the hands of other fellow Muslims.

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