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Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Jews Everywhere


Nov. 28, 2006
by David Byers

Sudan's President Field Marshal Omar Hassan Ahmed al-Bashir claimed Tuesday that reports in western newspapers of hundreds of thousands dead in his country's brutal civil war are all part of an Israeli-led worldwide conspiracy.

In a rambling video-link interview from Khartoum, in which he connected with journalists based in eight different countries, al-Bashir also claimed fatality levels in Darfur were "less than 9,000," instead of a figure of upwards of 400,000 quoted in much of the media, and accepted by the United Nations.

. . .

"You cannot at all rule out the Israeli role in any problem that any Arab country is facing because the security of Israel is based on weakening Arab states," he said.

"Israel would do everything through their media and their different mechanisms - you can't deny they have such influence in circles all over the world so they can do what they want."

Appearing to believe that western media are controlled by their governments, Field Marshal al-Bashir claimed that America and Britain had asked Sudan to recognize Israel and hinted negative coverage of the Darfur conflict could stop as a result.

"Since we took power, these messages have never stopped. They (America, Britain and Israel) would like to divert the Arabs from the central cause of the Arabs, which is Palestine.

"This is a camouflage for what is happening in Iraq, in Palestine, in Afghanistan."

Field Marshal al-Bashir also refused to call in outside help from the United Nations, claiming the organization is infiltrated by western agents from the US and Britain, and praised Saddam Hussein's regime for creating a country which contained "the best Arab citizens in terms of livelihood and stability."


( Firas and I are joking on 'The Thinking Lebanese' blog )

Firas said…

You know what, I knew it. I knew it was you guys behind all of this rubbish about Darfur.

Shame on you!

. . .

Nobody said…

Oh believe me ,Firas, it's nothing. Our worst miscalculation happened when we invented Islam and Arabs.

I am still struggling to comprehend how we became capable of inventing such a monstrosity.

Though my grandfather claimed that according to the grandpa of the grandpa of his grandpa it was absolutely necessary because the Persian Zoroastrians at that time refused to allow the Jews to build an oil pipeline across Iran. And building pipelines is part of our religion. There is no way we can give up on this.

So according to my grandpa Islam and Arabs have been invented to start new geopolitical dynamics in the region but eventually we ended up seating here under the siege by dozens of millions of Arabs. My grandpa always said that were the Jews less smart, the life could have been much easier for them.


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