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Thursday, November 23, 2006

It's Never Too Late to Have a Happy Childhood (Bedouin Version)


Nov. 22, 2006
by Rebecca Anna Stoil

A member of the Alasam Beduin tribe was killed and three were wounded - two seriously, one moderately - after a brawl erupted into a shoot out on Wednesday evening on the Dimona-Beersheba Highway near the Beduin town of Arouar.

The dead man and the wounded were all in their 20s.

The incident began as a fight among kids but soon deteriorated into a fatal firefight.

Police officers were on the scene, trying to reestablish order.

Police estimated that the attack was criminally motivated.


After reading this I began wondering about what these cute Beduin kids will fight each other with when they grow adults? Kassams and Katyushas maybe?


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