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Friday, November 17, 2006

Israeli Arab to Attend Holocaust Study (Denial?) conference in Iran


By Yoav Stern and Amiram Barka

The founder of a private Holocaust museum in Nazareth has been invited to address a Holocaust study conference to take place next month in Iran. . .

. . . Mahamid told Haaretz he intends to tell the conference that the Holocaust did happen and that Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad's position of Holocaust denial is wrong. . .

. . . Mahamid, who is an attorney, has been dealing with the Holocaust for some years. The museum, which is located on the first floor of his modest home, displays photographs he received from Yad Vashem, whose captions he translated into Arabic. . .

. . . Mahamid has also written a book about the Holocaust in Arabic, entitled, "The Palestinians and the State of the Holocaust," which deals with the Holocaust from the perspective of Palestinians who, in 1948, became internal refugees in Israel.

According to Mahamid, the Palestinian people paid the price for the Holocaust in 1948, when the European countries gave the Palestinian homeland to the Jews out of guilt.

"The naqba [disaster] the Palestinians experienced in 1948 is small compared to the Holocaust, but the political implications of the Holocaust have made its terrors a burden on the Palestinian people alone," he wrote.

Mahamid's arguments are not widely supported in the Arab community, where many see dealing with the Holocaust as granting legitimacy to the establishment of Israel. . . --> Source

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