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Friday, November 10, 2006

Hollow Speech about Hollow Government

David Grossman was speeking at the Rabin memorial attended by thousands in Tel Aviv. He called the current Israeli leadership hollow (Anybody argues?) and called on Olmert to address the Palestinians over the heads of Hamas.

Any reasonable person in Israel, and I will say in Palestine too, knows exactly the outline of a possible solution to the conflict between the two peoples. Any reasonable person here and over there knows deep in their heart the difference between dreams and the heart's desire, between what is possible and what is not possible by the conclusion of negotiations. Anyone who does not know, who refuses to acknowledge this, is already not a partner, be he Jew or Arab, is entrapped in his hermetic fanaticism, and is therefore not a partner.

Let us take a look at those who are meant to be our partners. The Palestinians have elected Hamas to lead them, Hamas who refuses to negotiate with us, refuses even to recognize us. What can be done in such a position? Keep strangling them more and more, keep mowing down hundreds of Palestinians in Gaza, most of whom are innocent civilians like us? Kill them and get killed for all eternity?

Turn to the Palestinians, Mr. Olmert, address them over the heads of Hamas, appeal to their moderates, those who like you and I oppose Hamas and its ways, turn to the Palestinian people, speak to their deep grief and wounds, acknowledge their ongoing suffering.

--> David Grossman's speech

I was thinking actually - Maybe it would be easier for the Palestinians not to elect Hamas in the first place? And by far what bothers many people most is not that Hamas refuses to recognize us but all sorts of suspiciously weird stuff they got in their Manifesto. How actually such reasonable people, who really know to tell the difference between dreams and what's possible, happened to give their votes to a movement with such an irrational ideology?

Anyway, Uri Dan posted his reaction to the speech on the JPost site.

. . there is no danger that the minority that applauded Grossman in Kikar Rabin will force the author's false illusions on the rest of us. Grossman missed the point. He will certainly understand the following Italian story, because after all, Grossman enjoys considerable success among Italy's fanatical Left:

An Italian field marshal, it is told in Rome, tried to save the situation during World War II by trying one last time to storm a British stronghold. "Avanti popoli!" cried the Italian officer with all his might. But no one moved. Only Moishele responded enthusiastically - "What a beautiful voice! We're saved."

--> Grossman's hollow speech

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