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Saturday, November 18, 2006

Alternative Energy Target Missed

Globes Online

16 Nov 06
by Gal Nissim

The Ministry of National Infrastructures will not meet the government’s target for electricity production from renewable sources, a ministry official told the conference of electrical and electronics engineers in Eilat.

The government calls for 2% of electricity to be produced by renewable energy sources in 2007, or 214 Megawatt (MW), but the actual production will be 0.14% - 15 MW. The 2016 target is for 5% of electricity to be produced by renewable energy sources, or 750 MW.

The Public Utilities Authority (Electricity) has issued seven licenses to renewable energy producers, including hydroelectricity, biogas and biomass, for a total of 13 MW. 13 more applications are pending, for the use of the sun, wind and water to produce 270-370 MW.

The ministry official said, “The main failures in promoting renewable energy ventures are in the allocation of land and statutory hurdles. Even though the government will not meet its renewable energy target, we’re feeling a major awakening in the field, and the trend is positive.” --> Source

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