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Saturday, October 28, 2006

The Latest Trends and Fashions

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Jan Pronk, the UN mediator expelled from Sudan a few days ago, was writing in his blog (no wonder they kicked him out of the country):

Presently in the western part of North Darfur, close to the Chadian border, there is much fighting between the SAF (Sudanese Armed Forces) and a combination of the G19, the JEM and the NRF (rebels). But it seems to be a rather loose coalition, because not all three components participate in all fights.

The pattern is not clear. However, some trends emerge.

First, the SAF has lost two major battles, last month in Umm Sidir and this week in Karakaya. The losses seem to have been very high. Reports speak about hundreds of casualties in each of the two battles with many wounded and many taken as prisoner. The morale in the Government army in North Darfur has gone down. Some generals have been sacked; soldiers have refused to fight...


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