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Thursday, October 5, 2006

It's Coming, Baby

From Israeli Hebrew Press (Undisclosed Military Sources)

The military force that Hamas disposes of in Gaza is currently about 7500 men. The force is divided into units trained for using different weapons and types of warfare. There are units of short range rockets, long range missiles, anti tank teams, sniper teams and so on. Basically it's Hezbollah.   -->  Full Post

The massive smuggling of weapons and ammunition across the border into Gaza is going on all the time inside underground tunnels. There are dozens of active tunnels but nobody knows for sure how many. The military sources report that during the last month 12 tunnels were uncovered just across one kilometer long stretch of the border near Dehanya . Nine of the tunnels were destroyed by the IDF and another three by Egyptians who uncovered entrances to the tunnels on their side. Inside some of the tunnels rails are used to run carts loaded with ammunition and explosives from the Egyptian side into Gaza. It's estimated that in one single day around 5 million tons of explosives can cross the border inside the tunnels.

Apparently Hamas is close to overcoming a major obstacle that until now prevented it from stockpiling significant quantities of Kassam rockets. The current explosives used to propel rockets used to deteriorate too quickly to make storing large quantities of Kassams possible.

Hamas is also developing a two-engined version of Kassam that should extend its current range by a few kilometers. Large quantities of short range 'Grad' Katyushas are smuggled in and stored all over Gaza together with other kinds of ammunition.

Palestinians are also smuggling into Gaza advanced anti tank rockets similar to those used by Hezbollah during the last war in Lebanon. There are also reports of attempts to manufacture inside Gaza short range missiles for use against armored vehicles used by the IDF infantry.

It appears that the funds allocated by Hamas to developing its military force are largely unaffected by the economic situation in Gaza and persist more or less at the same level.

At this rate, unless the supply of weapons is disrupted, the Hamas army would reach the ability to effectively engage IDF by the next summer when both numerically and technologically it would reach operational maturity.

So, as they say, it's coming, baby.

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