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Sunday, October 22, 2006

How to Fight Boredom and Break Routine

Jean from The Middle East Exception was writing about the boredom of the Lebanese politics:

You have to give it to them, the march 14 and HA (Hezbollah), they are really, truly, international ping-pong champions..

HA: "blabla"
M14: "blabla...bla"
HA: "oh yeah ?? blablabaaaabla"
M14: "bu !"

Over the last few weeks Olmert and Sanyora were perfecting their own method of boring people. Every now and then Ehud Olmert climbs the podium of the Knesset and proclaims: "I want to call on Mr. Sanyora, Mr. Fuad Sanyora, from this very place, the heart of the Israeli politics, to meet me face to face in order to achieve a comprehensive and lasting peace between our two nations."

But Fuad Sanyora is hitting the peak of his testosterone cycle these days. He is playing hard to get. "The last of the Arab states would sign a peace deal with Israel and only then Lebanon may consider this option", he promises.

A few days ago the two went through another round of this routine and the whole thing is becoming plainly boring.

The day may come when the US, frustrated with Iran's nuclear program, will send its planes to bomb Iran's nuclear installations. On this occasion Hezbollah, on orders from Tehran/Damascus or just out of solidarity with its spiritual homeland, may set the border on fire for another time, creating the perception of a simultaneous Israeli American attack on the Arab/Muslim world.

At that point Sanyora may find himself reverting to his usual unconvincing technique of shedding tears in front of the cameras. And he may even find himself wishing that Ehud Olmert would be here to make his offer one more time. But by that time Mr. Ehud Olmert may not be around and the person who would take his place may actually happen to be more of a out of routine personality type.


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