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Thursday, October 5, 2006

Back to Iraq

Palestinians in Gaza are apparently disintegrating into their clan structures and avenging deaths of the militants who died in the last Fatah Hamas confrontation is now becoming a family issue.

People who were not paid for months no longer mind what is the difference between Hamas and Fatah. They will kill anybody to get their salaries back. If Gaza turns into mini Iraq, years may pass before it comes back.   -->  Full Post

Three conditions were set by the international community and Israel to resume aid and money transfers to the PA:

1) recognition of Israel
2) recognition of the previous agreements
3) stopping terror attacks

But the situation in Gaza is so bad that from the three conditions practically survived only the first and the second.

Apparently Europeans with their obsession with humanitarian issues would be satisfied with the first one alone, because they can no longer see pictures of the humanitarian disaster in Gaza. It would be enough for Hamas to recognize Israel and agree to talks to get the EU aid partially resumed.

Even if Hamas eventually accepts recognizing Israel, it would be worthless. Recognition extracted under such pressure is a joke and nobody should take it seriously. They will break their word at the moment they consider the right one to do it. That even a temporary retreat from their principles, as a short term tactical maneuver, is not an option for these people only reveals the depth of their fanatism.

These people are committed to the last letter of Koran. To keep their political platform in line with Sharia they are willing to risk anything from civil war to starving Gazans to death to the last person. If they can put their own people through that much suffering for the sake of Islam, we should have no illusions of what they are capable of doing to us. And if Hamas is a moderate version of the Islamic Jihad, then I am wondering who are the people who call themselves Islamic Jihad.

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