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Monday, August 14, 2006


Israel can not go on with this shit of screening for hours our funerals with soldiers crying all over the place. Its like waving a red cloth in front of the horde of bulls.

We are the only ones in this region who count first their own casualties and then the losses of their enemies. The arab street is exctatic. They dont mind their civilians. They dont mind the economy that is thrown back by a decade. They count only dead IDF soldiers and 3500 rockets Nasrallah slammed into Israel. Their forums went totally mad.

Those who want to survive in this region should be ready to kill and to get killed. Wars can not be planned on the basis of not exposing the soldiers to danger. The generals can be punished for not doing enough to protect their soldiers but they can not be punished for sending soldiers to war when it comes. The ground offensive should have started after the first week when it became clear that air force is not enough.

We will pay for our weakness ten times. We d better to have done it this time when the price to pay was still low.

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