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Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Terrorist vs Political Side


"Hamas and Hezbollah are not al-Qaida," Italian Foreign Minister Massimo D'Alema said in an interview with Corriere della Sera published Tuesday. "Besides their well-known responsibilities for terrorist actions, they have a political side, they are engaged in assistance." --> Full Post

"IRA and ETA have become political movements from (being) terror groups," D'Alema said, referring to groups that have carried out terrorist attacks in Northern Ireland and in Spain. "We must encourage this metamorphosis in the Middle East," D'Alema said.

The fact that Hamas and Hezbollah have a political side and are engaged in assistance makes them similar to communist movements and national socialists , which means particularly dangerous, since apart from their political programs, they are coming with parallel social structures. This is to say that they are not just players on the political scene, they are pushing an alternative model of society based on their fundamentalist ideologies and religion. And they are doing this not even in the sense of transforming the existing order, but of replacing it with one of their own making.

ETA and IRA indeed went some way to transform themselves into political movements. Were they ever known for their parallel social structures or assistance?

The difficulty of converting Hezbollah into a political movement is not that Hezbollah wants to be a terrorist army. The problem is that it wants to be a state of its own design.

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