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Monday, August 14, 2006

Lebanese Dreams

The moderate lebanese blogs are very rationally discussing how hard Hezbollah was hit and that despite Nasrallah's rethorics they are finally going to put this iranian gennie back into its bottle.

Charles from Lebanese Political writes - I Was Wrong: Hezbollah is Much More Powerful than I ever Imagined.

Still he finds reasons to be opimistic. I think these guys are strangely delusional. After all those years of analysing the lebanese political scene Charles still has little idea about the man he is writing about. He would outplay them all.

Ghassan is posting on Vox's blog:

I am in agreement with you on the issue that this might be our last chance to get it right and establish the basis of a modern democratic Lebanese republic. We will not succeed if we fail to disarm HA. It is as simple as that."

I think Ghassan is right. Its their last chance.

But i think they are in total disarray to prevent it from slipping out of their hands.

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