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Saturday, August 12, 2006

The Hunter and the Prey

The Channel 2 was presenting a report of the new software called 'hunter' currently being live tested by the IDF. The commanders seating in front of computers are waging war by moving a mouse. Live videos streamed from drones are mapped to the topographical maps. The location of forces is mapped too by using GPS transmitters.

8 armed people are detected entering a house in one of the South Lebanese villages. The IDF troops are just 150 meters away. The 'hunters' mark the house with a mouse click and its said that the field commanders as well as the helicopter pilot have their maps synchronized in the real time. The pilot should just press the button and shoot.

Now the israeli part of hunting starts. The 'hunters' start calling field commanders to check if they are absolutely sure that these are not their soldiers. Then the helicopter mission is suddenly canceled by somebody because of the possibility of anti aircraft missile. One of the 'hunters' insist on calling the person to get the helicopter back. In short it takes 3 hours before the rocket is finally shot into the house !!!

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