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Thursday, August 10, 2006

Hezbollah Rocket Arsenal

It was extensively commented in Israel that accuracy of Hezbollah rockets strikes over days declined considerably. Out of close to 200 they are shooting daily now , most hit fields and open spaces. Several possible reasons were given for this from the possibility that their best crews got hit to the ongoing ground operations by IDF.

Hezbollah used a dozen of rockets from its midrange arsenal none of which hit a thing with some landing at the palestinian territory. IDF claims that its midrange and long range arsenal of Hezbollah that presents the least problem. These rockets are moved on big trucks and destroyed at almost 1:1 ratio. That means they shoot once and in a few minutes an IDF plane comes and takes them out.

Hezbollah apparently has close to 30 long range iranian missiles and IDF claims less than a dozen survived without a single one being shot.

According to IDF the problem is short range katyushas. These can be easily hidden everywhere. They dont need big trucks or specialized launchers. They can set to fire with timer and generally are more difficult to detect from the air. Hezbollah has thousands of them all across south Lebanon.

The bottom line is the hezbs are no rocket scientists. In military terms Hezbollah is stuck somewhere between being a guerilla force and being a professional army. In terms of rocket warfare they clearly overplay their hand with their midrange and long range arsenal. Until now they could nt direct them properly and the rate at which IDF destroys their launchers, often together with their crews, makes the whole thing a costly adventure. These are weapons of the real armies, they are not for Hezbollah.

When it comes to short range katyushas then its a very different story.

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