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Friday, August 11, 2006

Fighting Hezbollah

Israel is totally disappointed with the ceasefire draft as its taking shape right now. The political level is giving up on diplomacy at this stage. The IDF is instructed to go on with the full scale ground offensive.Yesterday Channel 2 was screening some stuff produced by a reporter embedded with paratroopers in bint jbel or elsewhere. The thing that one starts pondering after watching this shit is how actually we have nt lost more soldiers than we did already .

The town is scattered across rugged terrain, village landscape, no real buildings just small houses, thick vegetation . One can see barely beyond a few meters around himself. No wonder the day before the hezbs managed to sneak to the house undetected and opened fire on soldiers from entrances in the fence

Not only the soldiers are sent to fight street battles but the political leadership repeatedly freezes ground offensive , immobilizing troops and making them stationary targets for hezbollah anti tank missiles. Several high ranking officers made this point repeatedly - from the moment IDF stops moving it becomes a target, if it does nt attack itself it is being attacked.

The whole issue of anti tank missiles will erupt into a fierce scandal after the war. It appears that earlier some military officials have been making unsubstantiated claims about the level of ptotection the IDF tanks have against these weapons.

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