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Thursday, August 10, 2006

The end is near

Ehud Yaari is reporting that he knows from reliable sources that the security council is close to ceasefire formula that satisfies both US and France.

Sanyora already let it be known that he accepts it... though without much enthusiasm.

Surprisingly no mention of swaping hostages according to Ehud.

The draft does nt mention disarming Hezbollah only establishing a mechanism to prevent arms supplies unauthorised by the lebanese goverment.

The IDF is supposed to withdraw within a week from South Lebanon.

No multinational force. The UNIFIL force would be strengthened by american instructors and french soldiers that would assist the lebanese army in redeployment to the south.

Update 1

Shimon Peres on channel 2 about possible ceasefire agreement.

He stresses the point of Hezbollah removing its forces from South Lebanon. The Lebanese Army is taking positions in the south. UNIFIL is only assisting.

He says - we were thinking there is a Hezbollah state within the state of Lebanon. Surprisingly it appears that the opposite is true.

Update 2

Ehud says the soldiers would be transfered to the lebanese government who would return to Israel. he did nt say whats going to happen to the lebanese prisoners in Israel.

Update 3

The ceasefire agreement apparently includes the release of captured soldiers without condition. I would be surprised if Hezbollah agrees to it. The ceasefire may be more far away that it appeared in the beginning

If ceasefire agreement takes effect 2500 french soldiers would be immediately dispatched to Lebanon to join the UNIFIL in the south.

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