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Sunday, August 20, 2006

Bunkers and Tunnels Revisited

Today Hezbollah proudly displayed to the media what it has been digging for six years in the South.

It is indeed tunnels dug under houses inside villages and towns. The entrances were perfectly concealed right in the middle of kitchens and living rooms. No chance soldiers fighting street battles would be able to spot them during the battle. And to uncover such a system means checking painstakingly every single house.

The tunnels were equiped with everything up to the equipment to eavesdrop on IDF communications. The guide showed where the translator ( from hebrew to arabic) was supposed to be positioned.

Without doubt IDF was wasting needlessly loads of time in Bint Jbel and Eit ash Shaab. The hezbs were moving freely right under their feet between the houses.

IDF should learn the lesson - bulldozer is going to be the ultimate weapon of our next confrontation with Hezbollah.

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