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Friday, August 11, 2006

Bunkers and Motorcycles

Israel is totally disappointed with the ceasefire draft as its taking shape right now. The political level is giving up on diplomacy at this stage. The IDF is instructed to go on with the full scale ground offensive.The picture emerging now is of a war waged from bunkers. The equipment captured in Hezbollah bunkers includes eavesdropping equipement, visual surveillance cameras and termocameras. IDf even claimed to find a list of phone numbers of IDF officers in the Hezbollah command center in Bint Jbel. The relative sofistication of Hezbollah intelligence and information equipment surprised experts.

The bunkers, some dozens of meters deep, are everywhere from hillsides to houses inside bint jbel and other towns. Some are interconnected by tunnels. IDF even showed a plustic boulder covered by mud used to cover an entrance. Hezbs sitting inside bunkers dont need to go out to see what s happening. They use cameras night vision and other equipment to monitor surroundings. This is how they are able to reappear behind the backs of the IDF in areas that presumed to be cleared.

Weapons caches are discovered everywhere which means that apparently Hezbollah fighters don t mess around carrying all these rockets on their backs. They are using weapons from the nearest store and then just move on.

Extensive use of motorcycles is reported.

The clip recorded by IAF, screened yesterday by the channel 10, showed katyusha launcher firing from bushes while his operator is running to the road where another hezb is waiting for him on a motorcycle. The two immediately move into narrow alleys of a nearby village or town ( the launcher was set just a few dozens of meters from the place ) . IDF drone continues to follow them and within a minute the pair disappears in a house opposite the mosque. In a few seconds the house disappears in a huge cloud of smoke. The blast was so powerfull that i am wondering whether it was the drone who actually carried out the strike or they called on one of the IAF F-16's.

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