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Sunday, August 13, 2006

Bulldozers Destroy Eit ash Shaab

Channel 1

IDF is finally doing something that it should have started with on the first day. Soldiers were dying in house to house battles in villages across South Lebanon only to discover on the next day that the hezbs are back and kicking. This time the IDF brought bulldozers that started leveling the place with the ground. Much of Eit ash Shaab is already in ruins.

Its impossible to know how many soldiers got killed directly or indirectly because of this needless messing with villages and towns. The fact that Hezbollah has developed such a taste for urban warfare should nt have served as an invitation for the IDF to follow the suit.

Many villages/towns were repeatedly retaken by the IDF lacking enough ground forces to be able to establish control over these places and the damn thing is that the army should nt have been trying to do it from the beginning. Take the place, move the remaining civilians out and bulldoze everything to the ground.

Its the IDF's responsibility to avoid unnecessary deaths of its soldiers in retaking already secured areas. Its Hezbollah's to care for housing and social services for its shiite support base in Eit ash Shaab.

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