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Thursday, August 3, 2006

Brazilian peacekeepers

Mustafa posted today this on his blog:

No matter how this crisis ends, there will be without doubt some kind of peacekeeping force that will assist the Lebanese army in the south of Lebanon. Here are my ten cents on why they should be Canadian, Brazilian and Japanese.

We won’t trust the neighboring countries to send their soldiers because they might never leave. This discounts Syria and Jordan. Turkey brings ugly colonial memories, so they are out too (sorry, I know you want the job, but we’re not comfortable with it). The Arab countries and Iran are too involved and partial. Sub-Saharan Africans won’t scare anybody (with my deepest respect to Ghanaian peacekeepers in the UNIFIL).

I should say that I have never heard that Brazilian soldiers ever succeeded to scare anybody. Though i admit - nobody can beat the brazilians when it comes to carnivals

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