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Thursday, August 10, 2006

Anti Tank Missiles

15 soldiers died today in south lebanon. This is going to be no small war.

Even if IDF is inflating the number of Hezbollah guerillas operating south to litani, there is little doubt there are thousands of them, not hundreds.

99% of the casulaties are caused by anti tank missiles used as well against groups and individual soldiers. Hezbollah established new style of rocket based guerilla warfare - short range katuyshas and anti tank missiles.

Hezbollah elite units are apparently more like special forces using guerilla tactics, many are iranian trained and serving in the hezbollah army is their professional occupation. Hezbollah soldiers, including reservists, are not a ragtag militia of occasional guerilla fighters. It is a professionally trained force.

As reported by IDF soldiers the hezbs dont match them in firefights and face to face encounters in which they invariably get killed. But their tactics of shooting anti tank missiles from hilltops is proving to be effective. These rockets can travel up to several kilometers and are laser guided. They allow hezies to inflict casulaties without fighting IDF face to face. Almost no IDF casualties from bullets and grenades despite clashes in villages all across the security zone during the last days.

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